Logcreation.co.uk limited's big print - 10th April 2021 to 9th April 2022

1. This document sets out the conditions for services undertaken by Logcreation.co.uk. By instructing logcreation.co.uk, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Fees, Work Output and Time Allocation
2. The fee is determined on the basis of each individual instruction. A free consultation will be offered in the office.

3. Site visits are charged at a flat rate of £120 inclusive of VAT per visit to any location in greater London. Costs of travel outside of London will be payable by the client.

4. The complexity, risk and timescale to deliver the instruction will be at the discretion of logcreation.co.uk. Logcreation.co.uk will not be responsible for any failures in its interpretation of the instruction.

5. The allocation of consultants, resources, expertise and time to service the instruction is at the discretion of Logcreation.co.uk. This will be agreed prior to instruction.

6. The hourly rate for each particular service will be reviewed on the 10th April of each year. You will be notified of any change in the hourly rate via email, letter or telephone call.

7. Fees may need to be reviewed in the event of changes to the scope of our instruction, which may arise through expansion of the instruction or other matters arising which require further resources or outsourcing by Logcreation.co.uk. These matters may be due to factors beyond the control of logcreation.co.uk. At such times you will be informed and a revised fee structure will be set out.

8. You will be informed of any changes to the fee quotation at the earliest point possible for which your agreement will be sought prior to further work being undertaken.

9. Disbursements in carrying out the instruction are payable by the client. Disbursements will include items such as reprographic costs, postage, travel and costs associated to the acquisition of information and documents necessary and relevant to the execution of the instruction. Where appropriate accommodation and travel costs will be chargeable.

10. Fees include Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 20 per cent. Logcreation.co.uk limited's financial year begins on the 10th April 2021 and ends on the 9th April 2022. A remittance will be sent only at the request of the client.

11. To commence work on the instruction a payment of 50 per cent of the quote is required, unless otherwise stated in the quotation. Our  regular payment deadline terms are 14 working days from the date of the invoice. We understand and will exercise it's rights for a late payment fee if the remaining sum is not paid. We reserve the right to charge a daily late payment fee of £25 from the due date of any invoice.

12. In the absence of a signed copy of the quotation, an email to accept the quote will be allowed. Should no communication be possible by the client for whatever reason, a Text, SMS, Whatsapp or Viber message or other communication will be accepted to commence the instruction. The crediting of Logarithmic Creation's account signifies that the client accepts the conditions as set out in these conditions of service provision.

13. We will take all reasonable steps to achieve the outcome required from the instruction. In the event that the client is not happy with the approach, professionalism or outcome, Logarithmic Creation is not liable. The client's agreement to pay the fees as per the quotation will not be dependent upon the client's successful outcome. If a instruction is terminated early for whatever reason, fees and disbursements incurred up to that time will be due for payment.

14. The client will be advised of the limitations of the work undertaken and cannot take responsibility for additional requirements by a third party such as a neighbour, government body, private company or unknown party.

15. We will complete all elements of the instruction to the best of its abilities, however it will not be liable for any expenses, enforcement action or difficulties that might arise as a result of factors not under the control of logcreation.co.uk.

16. The client will advise logcreation.co.uk on all matters that impact on the instruction. logcreation.co.uk  will take no responsibility for difficulties experienced as a result of insufficient information provided by the client.

Copyright and Instruction
17. The ideas and designs expressed in any documents prepared are the intellectual property of logcreation.co.uk and the client. They may not be used in whole or part for any reason including as a specification, guide or resource to any other party other than the client. Any designs, drawings and artwork will remain the copyright of Logarithmic Creation and may be used for illustrative purposes in its marketing material which includes but is not limited to its website, case studies, presentations and printed materials. Permission to reproduce any material will require email approval by Logcreation.co.uk. A copy of the autocad drawing (dwg or similar format) will be provided as and when required by the client. 

18. Logcreation.co.uk takes no responsibility for any consequences as a result of action taken by the client with regards to the instruction.

19. Logcreation.co.uk reserves the right to terminate the instruction at any stage for reasons including but not limited to the delay in receiving the client's fee, lack of communication from client or any other reason compromising the instruction.

20. Logcreation.co.uk will in no way be responsible for the outcome of the decision made by any third party to include but not limited to a Local Authority, Freeholder or Managing Agent.

21. Logcreation.co.uk reserves the right to suspend the instruction in the event of an overdue invoice. You will be notified as soon as an invoice becomes overdue and given 5 working days notice of the intention to suspend services. Logcreation.co.uk reserves the right to suspend work due to an altered brief to that originally required. Logcreation.co.uk reserves the right to update the quote provided.

22. Our quote is based on hours engaged in the instruction. No refund, money back or reconsideration of our quotation will be carried out.

Payments, refunds and cancellations
23. Once payment is made, money will not be refunded to the client. Cancellations of appointments must be made 48 working hours before attendance of Logarithmic Creation is required. Logcreation.co.uk reserves the right not to refund the site visit fee should a cancellation not be made within 48 hours.

24. Enforcement cases where no correspondence from the local authority has been received after 12 months will result in the remaining 50 per cent becoming payable.

25. By accepting this agreement, you accept that a contractor, sub-contractor or other personnel of logcreation.co.uk may hold COVID-19 symptoms. You are responsible for your own personal health and safety.

Acceptance of conditions of service provision
In instructing logcreation.co.uk, I hereby agree to the conditions of service provision as set out in this document.

Acceptance of Conditions of Service Provision

By instructing Logcreation.co.uk, I hereby agree to the conditions of service provision as set out at logcreation.co.uk/the-big-print   

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Sign, date and email back your acceptance of these conditions. Please send the filled in form by email to sajad@logcreation.co.uk